Gunblood cheats

What are Gunblood cheats? plenty of gamers want these cheats today but what they're? Have you ever played Gunblood Fire? Try today. It's a game that reminds the old wild west. Your very best capabilities were needed for survival in the environment of the wild west and the same is needed while playing the game. Forget sympathy and become merciless or else you will be destroyed by the opponents. You have just one goal while playing the game. The aim is to fire a lethal shot towards the enemy or he will get it done to you. The shot must be exact or you will not have any chance to shoot. The very best would be headshot that results in instant death. Wounds on body or limbs will escalate fighting before the death of 1 from the shooter. Your only friends in this ruthless environment are Gunblood cheats.

Gunblood Fire offers 10 characters from which you choose one. You may also choose game quality. It may be low, middle or high. The game includes 9 levels to pass. When it comes to settings, you are able to turn on or off the sounds. The games starts in the 1st level and continues up until the 9th one. As soon as the game starts you must place the mouse pointer over an illustration of a bullet chamber and the duel begins - three, two, one... Fire! While shooting you can earn the scores.

You can view top scores of another gamers. The main menu includes top scores. This feature lets you know what is the highest score and set your goal to achieve. An execllent feature is included hanging around - it's Group creating. You can invite your friends inside a group. The score of the group members are visible to other members of this group only.

The nine levels include bonus rounds. The bonus tour is one thing like the predecessor to MTV "Jackass". In bonus rounds you have to shoot empty bottles, birds or knives thrown by your assistant out of the air and earn scores. Simultaneously you need to be careful not to shoot the assistant or your scores will nullify. Seems impossible? Don't be concerned! Gunblood cheats are here to provide a helpful hand.

Gunblood Fire isn't a full-fledged game but a mini-game that allows you to have some fun for any short time and earn the highest scores among your friends. Although the game is not easy. It is a simulation from the old Wild West and it is too gory. Mobilization of the best capabilities, reflexes and fast reaction have to achieve success. But many people cannot mobilize fast and are disappointed through the scores they might earn. Here comes the Gunblood cheats for those who want top scores. The game allows players to use cheat codes. The codes need to be entered prior to the game starts. You will find 4 Gunblood cheats. All of them provides new capabilities to your character and gives him/her advantage over the opponent.

In some instances they may stop you from obtaining the highest scores if you can use Gunblood cheats at the level that is too hard for you.


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